Strength training secrets – why us girls should lift – By Piya Siripoksup (Exercise Physiologist at the LAB)


Here is an FAQ from one of our female clients regarding Strength training.

“I’m feeling so much stronger and fitter from our workouts and feel that I could lift heavier weights, but I’m a bit afraid as doesn’t that mean I’m going to get bigger?”

As an Exercise physiologist its my responsibility to share my 3 essential facts of WHY its good for females to ‘go heavy’ on the Strength training!

1. They have less circulating testosterone in the body compared to men. Testosterone treatment has shown to have similar effects on protein synthesis to resistance exercise (i.e. lifting). So, it is EXTREMELY difficult for women to get “big” and stay big.

2. Testosterone and other anabolic-androgenic steroids and Cortisol (a stress hormone) competes for the glucocorticoid receptor. In women, more cortisol is bound to the receptor compared to men. Therefore, when cortisol is bound, testosterone cannot bind, which leads to muscle breakdown.

3. In women, the rate of turnover of the proteins in the muscle is higher compared to men. Which means for us gals, if we don’t lift for a while, we get smaller!

SO, don’t be AFRAID to lift heavy!
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