“I feel so much better, healthier. My clothes fit better, I understand food choices so much better and what I should be eating daily. I will continue to train online with The LAB.”

Anna Warwick


Which LAB product did you use?

Anna joined Women@TheLAB Stay at Home Edition in May 2020 and was the overall winner after a successful 5-weeks on the program.

Who were your coaches?

She followed Coach Belle’s nutrition advice and tried every single online class, particularly enjoying Coach Veronica’s Glute LAB sessions and Coach Om’s stretching classes.

What’s your background and how did you start training with The LAB?

Anna is 39 years old, living in England with her husband Terry and two daughters, Grace, 13 and Ruby, 10. She works as a special needs teaching assistant and this was her first experience with The LAB and an online training program.

Her fitness background is one many of our new clients can relate to and one we are proud to change. Anna says she had “never found a gym that I’ve felt comfortable in or found my way with nutrition due to too many contradictions from too many sources.” She had been trying to lose weight for a couple of years before joining Women@TheLAB and was achieving the opposite.


Tell us about your experience at The LAB.

In a single word, Anna says her experience with The LAB has been “AMAZING!!!!!!!”

“I’ve never felt so part of a group of amazing women who are so strong and determined. W@TL was just what I needed for that kick start I very much needed. I trained online everyday doing scheduled live classes or from recorded classes. Weekly challenges kept me going as you wanted to do them to support your team.

Whilst training every day, I also followed [Coach Belle’s} expert advice on macro-nutrition, trying to hit my targets daily and learning a lot about food and how to best fuel my body. At first, I was pushing myself to eat well and work out daily but this very quickly turned into wanting to do these daily and looking forward to the workouts and how they made me feel after.”

Tell us about your results.

Anna lost a 7lbs in weight, 10.5cm from her waistline and improved her fitness by 41% based on a before & after fitness test.

How do you feel about your training at The LAB?

“I absolutely LOVE training with The LAB online; the coaches are so welcoming and friendly, the classes are great fun and challenging yet you are able to do them from home. I’m so thankful to everyone at The LAB for all the advice and workouts they have provided me with.”


Tell us what else you want to achieve.

Anna is excited to continue my journey with The LAB and stay in touch with lots of new friends. She has signed up for ongoing online training with a goal to tone-up.

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