The LAB's promise of an Ultimate 2017!

2017 - A4

The LAB’s promise of an Ultimate 2017!


Our Prices are increasing in 2017 and as this happens we will be giving you the opportunity to LOAD up on your PT, Rehab and group class memberships from now until the end of January 2017.

Due to the ever developing rise of Bangkok becoming a major plater in South East Asia so to comes the running costs and of maintaining exclusive products and services, meaning that the need to match this rise is as important as remaining competetive in the Industry.


Our commitment to you –  We have developed The LAB Group class membership so when you sign up to one of our commitment programs, you can continue to enjoy a more favorable rate on a 3, 6 and 12 month contract.


The LAB New look and feel – We are also renovating our Sukhumvit Group class and PT studio which will come complete with improved showers, more equipment and toys


More innovative group class options – With our new studio we are launching our new Group class schedule including Outdoor Bootcamp in the beautiful Benjakiti park Asok 3x per week PLUS Introducing a new class Buddy Blast and Ultimate 6.


Specific and measurable programs – With the new equipment comes new programs available for us to track your performance, The LAB Shredded 17 is a 29 day transformation program launching in 2017, where you will receive a body composition test at the beginning and the end, fitness test, 24/7 support and nutritional plan and guidance throughout with lots of prizes to be won! We also have our Underarmour sponsored 4 week fitness test called Combine 360 which we will launch mid February and will involve a series of Fitness tests over 4 weeks to see your level of fitness.

With so many incredible changes coming up it’s hard NOT to get excited about what is possible for this new year, remember when you set your goals, try to understand what would achieving these goals mean to you? What is the higher purpose for attaining these milestones and what positive feelings would be associated with these.

Only then can we start to create more powerful strategies to align ourselves with these achievements creating a stronger and more successful outcome.









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