The Lab Trainer Revealed – David – Part 2

David - Part 2

The Lab Trainer Revealed with David – Part 2

David Phan Lab trainer revealed Part 1

Welcome back folks to our interview with David – Part 2.

In this second series of our fascinating sit down with the passionate young trainer and athlete, we discuss favorite Bangkok spots, a typical day of eating in the life of David and one particularly embarrassing fitness moment.

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1. You have a day to yourself in Bangkok – no traffic – unlimited cash – no crowds – what do you do?

Shopping! Eating at the nicest restaurants! Buying everything, even shit I don’t need. And ofcourse I’d share this with my girlfriend.

2. Someone hands you a first class ticket to the destination of your choice, where do you go?

I’d visit the pyramids in Egypt. I always wanted to and it’s a trip I need to plan soon. It’s so fascinating.

3. So tell us, what does a typical day of eating look like for David?

I start with breakfast around 9-10am depending on whether I’m training a client in the morning or not. Breakfast at home would be cereal/muesli with a bit of milk. I stay away from the sugary kids cereal and stick to something whole wheat or full of fiber.

For lunch, it’s usually very random. Usually Thai food but always make sure I take anything with carbs, rice or noodles, a little bit of meat or eggs on the side and a small serving of vegetables. I find the Thai style of cooking vegetables to be quite oily so to compensate for my fiber intake I supplement some fresh fruit instead. I love fruits more than vegetables and I like eating them as a dessert.

Then there’s the afternoon snack. For this I have a big protein shake – a gainer – which is a blend of protein and carbs.

Dinner is pretty much a repeat of lunch. Thai food or anything that always have carbs/quality protein/fiber.

But…after a really long day of training..and I probably shouldn’t tell my clients this but.. I eat crap, burgers, pizza, anything carby and satisfying! Then again if you have my body type you have the carb allowance so it’s alright time to time.

4. Any fun or eccentric clients you’ve had the pleasure to train?

Well I play football with this guy named Samuel..nah actually his friend Mathieu – stiffest, least flexible guy I’ve ever trained in my life.

No, honestly, nothing weird has ever happened in my classes. Everything has been fine and normal so far.

5. Thoughts on Social Media?

As I’m creating social content now for lab as well now I tend to spend less of my personal time on it. I do appreciate my Instagram account for my self promotion and have some requests from time to time. It’s also a great way to stay connected with people who shares same interest.

6. The hottest trainer at the lab?

Oh, I think it’s me. Full Stop. Next question?

7. Is there anything about yourself that might surprise your followers?
I have a very normal life, so no secrets here. Actually, I sing in the shower sometimes. SKIP

8. Where can we find you munching on a weekday or weekend night?
El mercado, Pizza Pala. My favourite for authentic Vietnamese has to be Saigon Recipe in Soi 49.

9. Your go-to easy & healthy recipe?
Smoothies! Yoghurt, honey, berries, sugar free greek yoghurt, oats for carbs, coconut oil and blend.

10. Favourite athletic brands?
Under Armour, Aesthetic Revolution.

11. How many gym shoes do you own?
Well, I used to have a lot but since the lab don’t need em. So, zero!

12. What is your most embarrassing fitness moment?

What! never! haha. So it wasn’t proper training in the gym but I attended a sport university for three years and we had to do swimming classes. I was bad, really bad at these swimming classes. They made us do this stupid test where you had to swim as long as you can for 6 minutes non-stop. On the final exam I really pushed myself hard to finish and threw up right after. My friends found me sitting in the shower and recovering for a long time after it was done.


Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know more about Coach David in this second instalment of The LAB trainer revealed with David Phan!

Stay tuned for more next week and drop us a line if there are any particular questions that YOU would like to ask our Lab Trainers! 😉

– The Lab Team

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