Reasons Your Scale Weight Increased

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The fat loss fairy might still be working her magic even if your scale weight has increased. The obvious answer to the title question is that you gained some weight from overeating. This might be very well true but before jumping to this conclusion, we should look at all the other variables that could cause your daily scale weight to increase.

Muscle gains

If you’re new to resistance training or have recently upped the intensity of your training, then it’s likely you will have built some muscle along the way. More muscle may increase your overall body weight but it will also improve your metabolism and body shape. The amount of muscle you gain will be limited by how much you are restricting your calorie intake. No need to worry about getting too ‘bulky’ unless you’re eating way too much. You will reach a point where the scale weight does get lower because you continue to burn through some of the excess body fat despite having gained some muscle.


Not being able to go to the toilet will definitely make the scale weight higher because of the waste product your body is holding onto. To create a better bodily flow try consuming more fiber, drink more water, get a good night’s sleep, and reduce your levels of stress.

High carbohydrate intake

Even if you stay in a calorie deficit, the ratio of your macro nutrients plays a part in how much water your body holds . We store excess carbs as muscle and liver glycogen and this can lead to higher levels of water retention. We don’t need to cut our carbs out completely but it’s definitely a good idea to control our intake. Dietary fats and proteins are more essential than carbs, so we can alter our carb intake to trigger more fat loss without risking our health.

Increased sodium

Some sodium in our diets is fine but you may experience a spike in your body weight if you consume more than usual on a given day.  Excess water retention is only temporary and your body can flush it out when you get your sodium levels back in check and if you drink more water to help flush the excess out (sounds counter-intuitive I know!). 4 cups of water will increase your body weight by almost a whole kilo. This is another reason it’s recommended to only weigh yourself first thing in the morning before drinking anything. Foods high in potassium such as spinach and lima beans can also help you get rid of excess water weight.

Stress and lack of sleep

Extra stress and a lack of sleep will increase the levels of the cortisol hormone in your body. Higher levels of cortisol can negatively affect your metabolism as well as increase your appetite. Certain lifestyle changes such as exercising more and reducing your caffeine intake should reduce your stress levels and make it easier to sleep better.

Calories in vs calories out is the main determining factor when it comes to fat loss but definitely not the only one. Try not to be disheartened but daily fluctuations, instead take your weight on a daily basis and judge your overall progress by weekly averages. Keep taking progress pictures, measurements, and track your output in the gym. It’s not just the scale weight that shows how well you’re doing in transforming your body. Look at the bigger picture and stick to your goals.

Written by Coach Rishi

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