4 reasons to refer a friend to the LAB.

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4 Reasons to refer a friend to the LAB

If you think about it, it’s a lot better to make yourself accountable to someone else so you can’t pull any of the excuses you tend to when working out solo.

Now the holidays are over and school has started, everyone is basically on the same page when it comes to the need for exercising, so having a motivating partner is a huge blessing.

It’s a lot more fun and a lot less daunting to hit a fitness class you’ve never tried before with a friend by your side. So why is working out with a friend the way to go?

1 – Your each other’s supporters – A little bit of positive reinforcement goes a long way, especially when it comes to your physical appearance. You may not always hear what you want, but you’ll certainly hear what you need.

2 – It makes something you don’t want to do into a social experience – Sure, maybe you didn’t envision your night at the gym, but you haven’t seen your friend in quite some time, so why not do something together? It gives you a great excuse to work out while hanging out.

3 – You aren’t afraid to fail in front – of each otherFor some reason, we concern ourselves with looking stupid in front of strangers, yet we feel totally comfortable in front of our friends. How does this make any sense? You literally don’t even know these people, who cares?

4 – You are more likely to try something new – The best part about working out with a friend is that she will introduce you to types of exercises you never thought you’d ever try, let alone enjoy.

Get 1 FREE WEEK of training added to your package for every friend you refer to The LAB from September ’16 onwards!

  • Refer 1 = 1 Week Free Extension
  • Refer 2 = 2 Weeks
  • Refer 3 = 3 Weeks etc.

For more info contact T: Sukhumvit – 02-661-1618 Silom – 02-234-5321

Terms & conditions

*Referee must be a newcomer to the Lab.
*Referrer must be a current Lab member.

*Referee MUST purchase a full priced Group class membership package.
*Applicable to both Sukhumvit & Silom gyms.

*All referrals must be submitted through the submission form process to be accepted.

*Maximum number of referrals is 4 per calendar month.

*This is promotion runs through to Dec 31st 2016.

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