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Triple C - SquareTriple C Certification Course : From Certified Trainer to Confident Coach

Discover unbeatable training and fitness information with over 40 hours of practical learning and coaching with Bangkok’s top personal training and group fitness experts.
In our Triple C Certification Course you’ll:
  • Learn all the necessary fundamental tools and knowledge to become a fitness industry leader
  • Uncover the secrets to not only gaining but retaining clients
  • Earn first hand experience with professionals who will break down of every aspect of fitness training
  • Get the chance to have hours of extra one-on-one attention and care due to small class size (limited to 7 pax)
Now only THB20,000 per person! (Originally THB 25,000/person)


DATE: 27th March – 7th April 2017 (Monday to Friday)

TIME: 10.00 – 15.00 Hrs (Ending hour is flexible based on daily program)

LOCATION: The LAB Silom (Silom Soi 1, BTS Saladeang MRT Silom)

Course Description:

Day 1 : Practical Workshop:

– Introduction to the Triple C Certification – Understanding WHY?
– Triple C Group x protocol and methodology manual
– Pre workout, body awareness
– 30 min class and analysis
– Dynamic warm up routines
– Games and partner workouts

Day 2 : Practical Workshop

– Bodyweight Lunges, pushups core integration and combo’s
– Tri plane lunges and steps
– Upper body drivers
– 30 min class
– Push up position, hand and foot movements

Day 3 : Practical Workshop

– Suspension training lower and upper body – Squat and lunge variations
– Classes
– Foot suspended prone and supine
– Stretching
– Programming

Day 4 : Practical Workshop – Kettlebell Basics

– Swing – Clean – Class – Jerk – Snatch
– S&C program design

Day 5 : Practical and Theory

– Rule Your Tools – Mastering a movement series then applying any tool to perform.
– Assessment
– (In a team of 2) Effectively create, demonstrate and execute by taking the group through a Lab Circuit workout using the warm ups, core engagement and the tools you have used during this workshop.

Day 6 : Practical and Theory

– Hand in and demonstrate 1 week assessment
– Workshop
– 10 ways to gain and retain clients

Day 7 : Practical

– Plyometrics
– Vertical jumps
– Horizontal jumps
– Lateral jumps
– Uni lateral jumps
– Upper body Plyo’s
– Whole body integrated Plyo’s – ViPR principles

Day 8 : Practical

– Integrated multi plane HIIT & strength class
– Set up mix strength, Plyo’s and Try plane movements – Rich Demo
– Work in pairs to create and demonstrate

Day 9 : Business Model

– Workshop – Marketing and business strategy.
– Positioning
– Price point
– Finances
– Trends
– Modelling – Avatars

Day 10 : Final Examination/Testing

– Written and Practical exam
– 20 Questions
– Teach and demonstrate a Simply Shredded class
– Open session for questions and direction.

Following the course, you’ll also be allowed to book in for a 1 hour private coaching session with Richard, to get the very best first hand experience from The Lab CEO.

For more information:
Line ID: @thelabbkk

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