Why The LAB Uses the TrueCoach App: The #1 Personal Trainer Software for Clients and PT’s


At The LAB, we are always looking for ways to improve the experience of our clients. That is why we decided to start using the TrueCoach app as our personal trainer software. This app has many features that help personal trainers track their progress and keep their clients on track with their personal goals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using TrueCoach!

Compliance Tracking

Each of your clients receive a compliance rate based on how many exercises they do compared with what is assigned. This means that if you have 30 minute sessions every day for 7 days straight, then your client’s average workout time will be increased by an extra 3 minutes! This is something we use for Hybrid clients that attend both on and offsite sessions.It’s really important to us that our clients are getting the most out of their personal training sessions, and the TrueCoach app helps us make sure that they are doing just that. With the compliance tracking feature, we can see at a glance whether or not our clients are meeting their goals and making progress.

Nutrition Tracking

Nutrition tracking in True Coach is an invaluable tool for maintaining your weight and getting lean. All you need to do it set caloric or macronutrient goals, log into accounts with the app’s easy-to use interface – that way progress can be seen from anywhere at anytime!

At The LAB we also use some other applications when it comes to Nutrition tracking such as MyFitnessPal combined with LINE has also proven to be a suitable way for our clients to get big wins on Nutrition improvements.

Video Exercise Library

Although a lot of our clients are coming to the LAB and working with Coaches 1on1. Sometimes you may participate in community challenges our Group SHREDs where TrueCoach will host a number of Demo Videos. The app also gives access to a huge video exercise library that your coaches can use to create your own customizable workouts or programs. This is perfect for Execs and Business Travellers that may need a temporary program for Business Trips or Vacations.

Program & Workout Builders

The Workout builder allows our coaches to build programs based on your goals and personal profile, all in one place.. Your Coach will design your program and allocate to you once complete.  The app also has a pre-made workout builder that our coaches can use to create workouts for you based on the exercises in the video exercise library. This is perfect for Online PT or if you need a quick workout for Travelling or Vacations.

The Program Builder allows us to quickly assign program templates that have been tried and tested over the years and are proven to get results for particular body types and goals. Whilst maintaining a level of customization. TrueCoach has very flexible and advanced workout builder that gives your coach creative freedom to the style of programming you may need to meet your goals.

Progress Tracking

TrueCoach offers a variety of tracking options for you to review your progress with your Personal Trainer. We often use this Live within the session tracking things such as:

– Limitations & Injuries

– Strength Numbers

– Nutrition Macros

– Goals

– Weight & Measurements

The app is great for keeping track of your progress and stay on top of your health and fitness goals. You can see metrics over time in a graph, and monitor what workouts those exercises were linked with so you know how far have come!

Closing out..

All of the tracking features we’ve looked at in this article are essential for any individual looking to get fit and stay accountable. If you want to experience all that TrueCoach has to offer in terms of accountability, then sign up for one of our packages. With a package, you gain access to our powerful workout builders, nutrition tracking capabilities, and progress trackers. Experience the difference that real-time tracking can make in your training regime – sign up for a package today!

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