We are giving Raw Strength a Facelift!

Raw Strength

Raw StrengthRaw Strength gets an exciting update for March onwards!

We are bringing back all the main compound movements to one of our ever-popular classes: Raw Strength, this March. In this newly revamped class, we will going back to the basic exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, bench press and pull ups, in a structured weekly program. This way, LAB members can focus their week on these essential exercises while easily being able to monitor their progress week after week.

New RAW Strength Class

  • Day 1 – Tuesday will be Deadlifts and Bench press
  • Day 2 – Thursday will be Squats and Pull ups
  • Day 3 – Saturday will be Lunges and Overhead press.

Alongside these compound movements, you will also be working some smaller muscle groups like core and arms to ensure you maximize your time, and create a balanced workout to build RAW strength!

Who are these classes for?

We have designed this program for members ONLY and limited numbers to just 6 per class. We believe this will give the trainer the ability to closely monitor and assist each member one-on-one. Due to this, Bookings are essential!

Please visit or call the LAB front desk to book your next session or click on this link to sign up online – https://thelabbangkok.com/fitness-class-schedule/

Why Raw Strength?

At the LAB, our aim is to always give the best and most profound services to our clients, which means creating a results-based and progressive training program is a top priority for us. All you need to do is show up and we will coach you through the correct movements and help you add on or take off the weight as necessary for your program.

Join now and see your progress week by week in this brand new, highly motivating class! For more information, call us at 02-662-1618 (TH) or 084-130-4001 (ENG). 

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