The Lab Trainer Revealed – Rishi Haria


The Lab Trainer Revealed


In today’s The LAB Trainer Revealed session we grab a seat with one of our favourite Lab trainers, Rishi Haria, for a little catch-up session.

In this insider The LAB trainer revealed interview, Rishi opens up about his origins in the fitness industry. He gives us an inner look at his impressive commitment to dieting and lifestyle despite being a ‘fat person’ at heart, and his love for traditional strength and body building type training.

Keep on reading for more in depth info about Coach Rishi and how he reaches his fitness goals!


Strength Coach & Nutrition specialist
Birthday: 16/10/1986
Nationality: British/Thai
Living in Bangkok: 6 years

1. In a few words describe yourself/fitness philosophy?

I take a holistic approach with my clients. I teach clients about nutrition & behavioural changes that help them reach their goals in addition to their strength training done in the session.

2. Where does your passion for fitness originate?

In high school I was quite overweight. I wanted to lose fat and then as I got into shape I realised that I was quite passionate about training. I didn’t always want to be a personal trainer. I studied Law initially but I found that too boring. Eventually I just decided to follow something I was actually passionate about.


3. What does your typical day of eating look like?

My typical day really depends on my current training goals at the moment. Right now, I’m committed to doing a Physique Show this April/May. I plan to compete in a sub genre of body building called ‘Men’s Physique’. They look for more of a fitness model type of physique rather than a conventional bodybuilder. The scene is growing in Bangkok & I plan to do the Mr Siam competition. It requires a strict regimen in terms of calories and macro nutrients. To give you a general idea it’s quite a high protein but calorie controlled diet.

So, food is divided into three types of macro-nutrients: protein, carbs and fats. So what I do is I weigh all my food, gram by gram, and track how much of those macro-nutrients I’m consuming on a daily basis. At the moment, that means lots of lean meats, moderate carbohydrates and dietary fats. I adjust quantities on a weekly basis depending on my progress.

4. What are your go to lean meat sources/macro nutrients?

Generally, I eat healthy, so my style of dieting is quite flexible. As long as I hit my calorie & macro-nutrient goal I can kind of eat whatever I want. However because my calories/macros are very specific it auto-regulates what I can eat to an extent. I can’t go & eat a whole load of junk food because my calories would be way too high without reaching my protein requirements & most likely exceeding my dietary fat restrictions.

Since most of my fats come from healthy fats such as almonds or eggs, I would save a couple hundred calories for a little bit of ice cream every now and then. So even though I’m technically dieting, I can still treat myself to some decadence and not consider it a cheat because it’s still in my calorie range.

The closer to the show I get I will cut little treats like this out because they aren’t very satiating (feeling of being full). Food satiety is super important the lower your calories go because it stops you feeling too hungry.

5. What does “balance” mean to you?

For me, balance in a fitness context means that you should tailor your training and diet in order to achieve your own goals, but also improve your quality of life instead of making yourself miserable.

When it comes to diets, I’m not a fan of strict deprivation style diets. The type of diets that tell you can’t eat certain types of foods. It’s actually just the quantities of each type of nutrient you consume that’ll help you determine your weight body composition.

Life’s too short to not be able to eat what you want from time to time.


6. Biggest success story?

I used to train this boy who started with me when he was only 15. He went from a really skinny kid to having a muscular physique even by adult standards by the time he turned 18. He later moved to the UK and continued to practice everything I taught him with training/nutrition and is constantly getting in better and better shape.

I’d say that one of my main aims as a trainer isn’t to just instruct the client, but to instil in them the tools to continue on their lifelong fitness path.

7. Do you use social media? Tell us your social media handle (name) if you’d like to share it.

IG @coachrishi cause it’s my name and I’m a fitness coach. I post mostly about my personal life with fitness type posts. I find I get the most response unfortunately from vanity posts. Not that I care so much, but when I post something personal, people (except friends or family), interact a lot less. I try to keep more of the personal stuff for Facebook.

When I was a freelance trainer I made a number of clients through my social media activity so it pays off to be active and provide good content.


Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know more about Coach Rishi and our incredible Lab Family in this week’s session of The LAB trainer revealed!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The LAB trainer revealed with Coach Rishi 😉

– The Lab Team

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