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Welcome back folks to another session of The LAB Trainer Revealed, with Preaw! Bangkok-born Sasiprapa Udomsat or “Preaw” is an incredibly nurturing and uplifting personal trainer who enjoys designing each of her programs to the individual client’s background, physical concerns, and goals.

Preaw’s personal training style is a blend of functional movement patterns and strength training, which she applies to her wide variety of clientele, including the elderly, adult and children.

Preaw is known for establishing strong connections to each and every one of her clients. Above all, she believes that listening to the client, developing an easy going rapport and helping individuals closely track their nutrition are the ultimate keys to success

Read on for tons more interesting info about Preaw and her favorite methods for training and staying fit.

Age: 28 years old
Birthday: July 14, 1988
From: Bangkok, Thailand
Trainer for 3 years — Functional Training

1.Tell us a bit about your fitness philosophy?
It changes depending on personal training or group classes. We use a variety of movements in real life, not just walking forward and backward. We move side to side, up and down. My aim is to incorporate all of these movements, progression and regression, to suit all people. I try my best to get my clients to progress in these types of basic movements and also to not feel bad if they can’t do it.

2. Where does your passion for fitness originate?
The results of all my clients, from class members to personal training clients, their results really feed my passion. It makes me happy to see them learning something great and also giving something back to themselves.

3. Have you always enjoyed the fitness/athletic world?
Since I was about 4-5 years old, I was swimming, judo, gymnastic, tennis table tennis, basketball. Everything .That’s why I think personal training has always been the next step for me…my ultimate goal.

4. What does “balance” mean to you?
Everyone wants to be in the best shape. But it’s not about working out every day to achieve this.
First, be consistent and aim for progression in your program. Secondly, diet — be healthy and choose the best food. This means real food, no processed food. Fill your body with the good stuff. Lastly, rest! If you sleep well, you work out well. I think we need about 7 hours or more of good sleep. So to sum it up, to me balance means 3 things: exercise, diet and rest.

5. What does your typical day of eating look like?
For breakfast, I aim to control my protein intake, so I eat two eggs in the morning. Also it depends what I can find at hand on any given day. Maybe two eggs and for lunch, a piece of meat, vegetables and some good carbs like brown rice. I eat 3-5 meals a day. I make sure to select real food, nothing processed.

6. What are some common mistakes you believe people make regarding nutrition and how can they improve?
Everyone believes that consuming fat will make you fat. Like 80% percent of people. Fat is actually a good thing, but you have to select good fat. There are also bad carbs. Ultimately, you should be eating vegetable and eggs to fill you up with good energy. Oh and fried foods — avoid fried and processed foods at all costs.

7. What is your opinion on new diet trends like Vegan diets/keto or paleo?
I say go for it if you want. Only thing to keep in mind is that if for example you and I tried one of these diets, vegan for example, we might not get the same results. Everyones bodies react differently to different type of diets. If you splurge on your weekends and your body is still ok, then go with it. If you do Keto and it works for you (you like it and it effects your body well) I say go for it. Just listen to your body. If all else fails, try another type of diet.

8. What is your opinion on supplements — protein shakes — powders – for women?
Women can use supplements but we have to be more careful about the source of protein powder. For the most part, it’s from milk (Whey/Casein) but there is also pea protein and other sources of vegan protein that are good for you and help your body. So you don’t have to worry about getting bigger. No matter the source of protein, our hormones aren’t as high as men. So you can take some but it depends on your lifestyle — if you’re really active, then feel free to take it.


9. Any client success stories you’d like to share?
I have a PT client I’ve trained for 2 and a half years so far now. He’s still training with me and his life has totally changed. We worked really hard together and it took a while but its clear to see now how much his lifestyle changed. He used to sleep 3-4 hours per night, eat fried food and street food, didn’t work out at all. One day he decided to open his mind and receive good information and begin this new journey. He has since lost almost 10 kg and feels much better about himself. He still comes back to train with me.

10. How do you feel about teaching group classes vs personal training?
The main difference between group classes and personal training is I suppose the energy behind the client.

Those that join group classes are fun and outgoing whereas personal training clients might be shy, or not feel fit enough or just want more one on one attention. Group classes are also just fun, everyone is in a good mindset. This motivation always links back to your progression as a trainer. In a group class everyone just wants to get the best workout they can. For PT each person has different goals and needs so I’m excited to the see the client’s progress from week to week.

11. Have you ever trained a client with medical condition?
I used to have a client with really bad back pain. In order to sleep at night she had to take pain pills. Then she started out with me doing PT 4 times a week and her back pain slowly just went away. When we started working out we quickly pointed out her issues and just aimed on moving more and getting her to perfect each movement.

12. What do you think are some common weaknesses people have with their bodies?
Office syndrome is a big one, people have week hips due to sitting down 8 hours a day in the same position. This also goes along with back and neck pain. To fix this, you have to be more upright and change your posture and lifestyle.


13. What do you think of Bangkok’s acceptance to the type of training The Lab offers?
It has changed since a few years but functional training gyms are still not as popular as machine based gyms. Some people prefer the machines because they are easy, convenient. But functional training is way more exciting, when they join us they’ll realise that wow! This can be fun.

14. What does your cheat day look like?
When I going out with my family we order everything on the menu! Even with my friends. We like dessert cafes, like the honey toast. One day I just finished training and they order it for me. I was like hey guys… “Can I go grab a healthy meal first and then join??”

15. Three traits that make a good trainer?
– Listen to your clients — You have to be able to listen to what they want and give them as much as you can.
– After service – PT clients, I like to follow up on how they feel, help them track their food, develop a friendship. Just keeping a good relationship and remembering to check up on them time to time.
– Be able to entertain your clients while also training them, giving energy and motivation is also a very important aspect of my job.

16. Anything you’d like to tell your clients?
Change your lifestyle, come to change your mind, if your health is getting better then we are doing a good job!

17. Tell us about your social media.
I use Instagram for showing off my clients or some cool videos — pure_udomsat. It’s great sometimes to show quick exercises, photos of workouts or even just my clients doing something cool or new. It’s a good motivator.


Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know more about Coach Preaw in this week’s instalment of The LAB trainer revealed!

– The Lab Team


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