The Lab Trainer Revealed – Coach Free


Lab Trainer Revealed – Coach Free


Hi Lab Rats,

A new week and this time The Lab Trainer Revealed uncovers some interesting factoids about Muay Thai fan and tattoo-loving Trainer, Coach Free.

Known for his signature approach to fitness, Free analyses each client and carefully selects the right movements and exercises that will help them move better. No two workouts are the same with Free, and his fresh and fun style of training is definitely a good reason to drop into one of his classes.

1. Tell us about your start before The Lab?

I started at University – Sports Science at Mahidol University. Then I moved to FIT (Studio Certification for Fitness Trainers) and began at the FIT in reception in order to help find some good connections. Then I met Coach Note (Former Lab Trainer) while he was taking some classes at FIT. I moved to The Lab shortly after.

2. When did you realize your love for fitness?

Actually, my favorite sport is football. I played football for a long time and then I quit because I started training Muay Thai. I got pulled into a match with another amateur–just for training–not professionally. I had been training Muay Thai for 1 year and then did the fight but then I got a knee injury. I had to stop working at The Lab for two months to recover.

I train Muay Thai at Witiwat Muay Thai, (Soi Phra Phinit – Naratiwat Soi 7) but I used to go to this place around Klong Toey because an old friend of mine was invited there [Naratiwat Soi 7]. It was much closer for me as well and the quality of training is pretty ok.

3. What do you love about Muay Thai?

I think it’s much more aligned with my aspirations. During training, I only have to focus on what I’m doing in the moment. My mental state clears up and I don’t have to focus on anything. It makes me kind of forget the world exists around me. Also, it makes me sweat like crazy.

4. Favorite Muay Thai move?


5. How often do you train Muay Thai?

I try to do it twice a week but now I’m quite busy so maybe I’ve cut it down to like once a week.

6. How do you stay fit in your free time?

I do both Muay Thai and Lab Gym time. I try to do Muay Thai twice a week because it’s more like stamina and a total body workout that is based on cardio as well.

The Lab style is similar because it’s also based on cardio and strength. I like to do both though because sometimes when I’m lazy I have to motivate myself to go to Muay Thai. It’s easier to just work out on my own at The Lab.

7. How long have you been at The Lab?

About 5 actually, maybe 4 and a half years. I started as a beginner here in an apprenticeship for two months. After one month Richard introduced me to his clients and allowed me to lead classes because he believed in me and thought that I could do it well.

8. Do you prefer training group or PT classes?

I like coaching both Private and Group Classes. I love the energy of group classes, it gives me a boost more than private training. It’s tiring for sure but I really enjoy big, big classes with like 20, 25, 16 people depending on the class. Classes with 5 or 10 are OK, but if there are just tons of people the vibe is just better all around. I love that high energy. PT sessions are more about correct form, adjusting positions, and answering questions–seeing progress. It’s a slower process.

9. What do you think makes The Lab special compared to other gyms?

So, The Lab was the first place for functional movement in Bangkok. It was the spearhead in the trend of this kind of fitness. Many gyms tried to copy The Lab but it still remains quite special in retaining its certain style and customers. I think when people come to The Lab they feel that there is something different here, the trainers, the staff style, and the atmosphere.

10. What do you think of new fitness trends in Bangkok?

Fitness is more in fashion now for sure. It’s trendy and is incorporated in everyday life. People realize the positive impact that the results of fitness can have on their mental state.

I think when you are young, you can still do anything you want but when you get older there are things you just can’t do. You might be injured or have a problem with a certain movement, or your flexibility and mobility are poor. The good news is that this is something we can fix at a young age with a proper rehab specialist. I think this is the path I want to follow in the future: rehabilitation.

11. Let’s discuss nutrition? What do you recommend your clients to eat and what do you eat on a daily basis?

Actually, I’m not a 100% useful guide for nutrition. I like to think of happiness first. I like to just eat anything I want but try to be a bit more careful with quantities and make sure I exercise regularly! Diet is a part of fitness that I don’t really follow so closely myself. I mostly recommend my clients to focus on harmony and balance in their exercise and fitness regimes.

12. What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

In the morning I like to eat to an omelet, bread maybe, and a little bit of chicken. In the afternoon I stick to brown rice and some kind of Thai food. Before 6 pm, I try for something less carb-heavy, with more protein, and that’s it. I drink coffee to fill in the time between meals.

13. You have quite a few tattoos, would you mind telling us a little about them?

My favorite one is the rose on my left elbow. I just really like roses, they’re beautiful and iconic. A symbol of love. I have another on my right arm as well.

I started off with small tattoos and became addicted to them. I get one tattoo almost every month. I always think about ideas of them in my mind and then I call my tattoo guy and we design it together. My tattoo artist lives around my home, and he’s done almost every tattoo on my body.

14. What are your goals for 2017?

Just keep me busy! That’s my goal.

15. Do you have a fitness philosophy?

“Movement Never Lies”

16. Favorite exercise?



Thanks again for your time Coach Free!

Don’t forget to drop in on Free’s heart pumping classes at our Sukhumvit and Silom Studios. Check out the schedules here, and here.

Til next week, Lab Rats!

– The Lab Team

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