Shredded 18 will transform you

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Shredded 18.2 has just kicked off with a great turnout of over 40 participants. There is a lot on offer for everyone involved with this 5 week body transformation program.

Participants will have access to an unlimited amount of group classes at The Lab and also an outdoor Saturday bootcamp. The classes combine conventional strength training along with a lot of conditioning and mobility work. You will get stronger, fitter, and improve your body-shape if you are committed to the program.

Shredded 18 & nutrition coaching

One key to success for Shredded is the nutritional coaching that members will get during the 5 weeks. There are 3 team coaches that will oversee and customize everyone’s calorie and macro targets. As the saying goes, it is 80% diet and 20% training that determines our body composition. We want members to learn about nutrition so once the program ends they have a basic understanding of the energy balance that controls whether they lose or gain weight. We could have easily given everyone a rigid diet plan to follow that guaranteed fat-loss, but this prevents there being a deeper understanding of nutrition that we hope to teach members.

Every week there will be a planned meetups with a team coach to keep everyone accountable and on track. Not everyone will have the same goal so it’s essential that there’s a customized approach to this program. Person A that wants to lose weight, should have things set up differently (regarding nutrition and selected group classes) compared to Person B, who has joined this program to improve their athletic ability.

Testing & winning Shredded

Fitness tests, body-composition analysis, progress pictures, and measurements were all taken on day 1. There will be another day of testing right at the end of the 5 weeks so that we can measure the progress that each person has made. The person that makes the most progress in terms of body transformation, participation, adherence, and overall improvement will be crowned the winner of Shredded 18.2. The prize for season 2 is a voucher for 3 days, 2 nights at Thanyapura Resort in Phuket. Transforming your body is a good enough motivation, but the chance of winning this prize should definitely make everyone involved try that little bit harder over the 5 weeks.

If you’re reading this and regretting not having signed up, fear not, there will be a season 3 later this year to look forward to. Keep an eye out for all of the testimonials and transformation stories that will be guaranteed to stem from season 2. Nothing beats the community atmosphere of programs such as Shredded or our Spartan training. It’s time to start getting involved and become fitter and stronger together!

Written by Rishi Haria

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