6 Week Body Pump Program Focused on Strength & Muscle Mass



MASSATHON gives members time and knowledge to really focus on their squat, deadlift, chin-up and bench press. Achieve new personal records, get stronger, build muscle mass and perform these exercises safely and effectively.

Members will be assigned a progressive overload program starting at their current level and increasing the load over 6-weeks. The program includes heavy lifting 3 x per week and each session, you will train in the big lifts as well as accessory exercises to support your progress. You will also have access to unlimited group classes to compliment your program.

MASSATHON is suitable for all levels as programs are tailored to your
individual strength and based off of initial strength testing on Day 1.


  • 3 exclusive 60-minute MASSATHON sessions per week
    (Tuesday & Thursday 7.15pm and Saturday 11.30am)
  • Unlimited group class access from the day you sign up
  • Before and after strength testing
  • Body composition analysis

Terms & Conditions

  • Current members must have an active membership for the duration of the
    program to qualify for the member rate.
  • Payments are final and cannot be refunded or transferred.

6 Week Body Pump Program Focused on Strength & Muscle Mass

Start @ ฿ 8,500


A 6-week strength building program suitable for all levels. Under theguidance of qualified and experienced trainers, you will learn foundational lifts to build mass, improve strength, prevent injury and achieve new PR’s.