4 weeks unlimited personal training



4 week unlimited personal training program without boring workouts and no sacrificed familiy time!

Have you tried going to a regular gym and find using machines boring?
Or you’ve started programs before and then stopped after a few sessions, because the timing doesn’t suit your trainer?
The workouts are ineffective and repetitive?
Or you get an injury and end up feeling disappointed and like a failure? 

For 20+ years, we have been helping people transform how they feel about their bodies and the way they look into a personal passion project and you know what?
They deserve it!
Who doesn’t want to turn heads, feel fantastic with the way that they look and be energised to perform at work and at home.

The 4 week UNLIMITED personal training program is unparalleled, because it is an immersive training program that allows you to train to YOUR schedule and Get unlocked access to all components of training including; strength, conditioning, stretching and core.

With qualified & experienced coach’s, in private studio setting to support you to achieve your specific level & your goals.

All you need to do is show up, let us take care of your training and nutrition, whilst you concentrate on getting down to business and doing you do best.

The 4 week UNLIMITED personal training program is available for just THB 27,997

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Packages are limited based on availability and to ensure quality.
Train anytime weekdays from 5am – 8pm or weekends 8am -5pm!

Here is our client Errol – a successful executive who had experience training in gyms before.
He came to see us after he was left feeling frustrated with the lack of accountability and training expertise to help him achieve his body goals.

In just 4 weeks he smashed his expectations by engaging in a fitness bootcamp of showing up regularly to PT sessions and following the expertise of a coach and nutrition expert.

Errol dropped 6kg’s and 8% body fat whilst adding 1.5kg’s of muscle.

PS – There is a way for you to make your body something that you feel proud about.
Will you keep tolerating something else?
Or will you take control and do something that has been proven to work.

4 weeks unlimited personal training

฿ 29,997

Spring into shred – fat loss made easy, all you need is consistency