Meet Ray: Our Incredible Headstanding Lab Staff


The Lab Sukhumvit’s favorite staff member and ultimate headstand fanatic sheds some light on her fitness journey!


Hi guys! For today’s special edition of Lab Trainer Revealed interviews – we’re  focusing on different member of our cherished Lab Family – Khun Ray.

In keeping our Lab studio spotless, she’s a definite pro, but you’ll also be  surprised to hear about her tremendous other talents, polished over two years at the Lab Studio Sukhumvit.

We certainly believe she’s one of the strongest support staff you’ll ever hear about, and she definitely gives even our most dedicated Lab Rats a run for their money!

Read on for more about Ray’s inspiring story of self motivation and continual pursuit for a healthier body and mind.

Hi P’Ray! Please introduce yourself to your readers:
Hi, my name is Siwara or you can call me Ray, I’m the maid at the LAB. I like to workout and challenge myself. I always look at what the trainers here train the clients and try to practice that myself.
I like working out because it makes me stronger. I’m 43 years old now, so I want to keep myself healthy and working out helps cure sickness and muscle soreness quicker.

Have you been doing any kind of training or workout before you joined the LAB?
Never. I never had any time to exercise but because I started working here I was inspired to start taking care of myself and wanted to exercise.

How did you learn each workout move and routine?
By looking at the trainers and following them. Once the trainers noticed me trying out the moves, they came along and helped fix my posture.

Do you feel any changes after you started to exercise regularly?
Yes, I feel stronger and my body started to change as it got more toned and firm. My weight stays around 63kg but my clothes started to loose and I feel better about my body.

If you can give some advice to our readers about exercising, what would it be?
If you want to workout or exercise, just do it. Age is definitely not an issue. You don’t have to be young to start exercise.

What is your favorite workout routine?
I like handstands and squat. I do 50 kg squat – 5 Reps every morning, every other day.

Check out this cool video of Ray doing her very favorite movement:

What made you decide to start working-out?
It started from headstands. I saw one trainer teaching their client how to do the headstand and it looked very challenging and I just wanted to try it and I managed it! So that just gave me the courage to try other workout movements and routines.

What are some of the biggest difficulties you face in pursuing fitness?
Managing time is the most difficult part. I need to arrive the studio at 5am to be able to have time to do my training before I start my work around the studio. If I come later than 5am, it means no exercise on that day.

Who is your favorite trainer or client?
Trainer Pan is my favorite because she was the one teaching her client to do a headstand on that day, and that clicked in me and made me want to try my first handstand.

We love seeing your Facebook page! Tell us more a bit more about the feedback you get when you post vdo’s of yourself headstanding or lifting heavy?
I get a lot of supportive comments from the trainers here and also some people say that I inspire them to work harder on their own training.

How do you feel being part of The Lab?
I love what I do and working here makes me feel that I’m capable of doing many things. Everyone here treats me like family. It makes me want to come to work, even waking up early to do both my exercise and work. So with that, it makes me want to take all challenges that come my way at work, including putting extra effort to do things within and even beyond my responsibilities.

I’ve been working with LAB for 2 years and started to train 4 months after I joined. Before that, I used to work for PCS cleaning company for 11 years. I decided to join The Lab because I was bored with my old job and my friend used to work here so she asked me to come join here instead.

Is there any trainer or Youtube channel that you regularly follow?
I normally look at all the trainers here and are inspired by them. For example, Andrew always teaches his clients how to do proper squats so I keep looking at him, learning the movement and then adjust that to myself when I do my own squats.

How long did it take for you to be able to do the handstand?
It took me 2 days to master but now I can stay up for around 1 minute since I have been practicing the headstand for quite sometime. I did manage to do it on my first try though.

Is there any other movement or fitness goals that you look forward to?
I want to do the knee-tucked headstand. That’s my current challenge and what I’m working on right now.


We’d say that’s quite an incredible goal from a very inspirational lady. Hope you all enjoyed meeting a different member of our Lab Family this week. Tune in next time, where we’ll return to talking with more of our beloved lab trainers.

— The Lab Team

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