Mayhem is under way at the LAB! – How many training sessions can you achieve in 1 month

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One of the biggest fitness challenges of the year in Thailand is happening at The Lab Bangkok. Come on down if you think you got what it takes.

Open Lab Fitness Challenges.

1. Open and FREE for all attendees.
2. Registration required before 7pm at the latest.
3. Combinations of strength, speed, endurance, agility and balance will be tested

The Mayhem Final

1. Entries open to all Lab360 members, personal training clients and 1 month unlimited members starting from 1st of May until the 29th of May, 6pm, where the last training session should be completed by.
2. Maximum of 2 FULL training hours per day will be registered towards the total.
3. 1 hour : 1 Point. 30 minutes : 0.5 points
4. The top 8 people who completed the most training hours during the month will automatically qualify for the Mayhem Final on the evening of 31st May.
5. 2 extra spots in the Mayhem Final will be decided on the night via a Kettlebell Man-Maker Challenge. 12kg x 2 for male, 8kg x 2 for female. Opened to all May Mayhem contestants who are outside of the top 8 ranking.
6. Luxury prizes will be rewarded to the top 8 Mayhems on the chart, top 3 male and female winners of the Mayhem Final and Open Lab Challenge.

The Mayhem Final Schedule – 7pm, 31st May.
• 6:30pm – 7:00pm: Registration
• 7:00pm – 8.15pm: Open Lab Challenge to all attendees
• 8.25pm – 8.35pm: Kettlebell Man – Maker Challenge for Mayhem contestants
• 8.45pm – 9.00pm: The Mayhem Final.

For more information, please contact:


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