LOOK BETTER NAKED – In 2 essential Gym Moves – By Richard Cohen



Hold tight… you have just uploaded your latest ‘selfie’ and now you are on the way to the gym.


Your phone is charged & fully loaded up with your power playlist, you have donned the latest and greatest gym shoes and style shorts with the Latest men’s/women’s health workout of the day clutched firmly in your hand #Strong really is the new skinny!


But before you get too carried away try and remember when you first start a program its quality over quantity,

“Don’t be trying to train like no Olympian!” leave that to the pro’s.

My rule is – keep it simple with these 2 essential moves, Squat and Dead lift.

Both moves are deep compound strength builders that will ensure you build a solid foundation for the rest of your body to thrive off.


Keep the weights close to the center-line of the body, ensure you have appropriate set up and posture from your stance all the way to your chin and the big one is ‘feel’ the targeted muscles engage through all aspects of your lift, lengthening and stabilizing on lowering phase, squeezing and shortening on the driving phase.

Get these 2 lifts nailed and the rest will follow as quickly as you can say Instagram!


Who doesn’t want to look good naked?

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