The Lab Trainer Revealed – Boss Wuttikorn


Lab Trainer Revealed – Boss Wuttikorn


Hola, Lab Rats! Hope you’ve had a lovely week and are excited as we are for the upcoming Songkran holidays (woohoo!!!).
By the way, if you’ll be doing a staycation this Songkran 2017, check out our limited vacation schedule April 11-15. Don’t forget!— The Lab Silom will be CLOSED during this time. All PT and group sessions scheduled at Silom will be transferred to Sukhumvit – check out the updated schedule -> here.

Anyway, here we go again folks, another episode of The Lab Trainer Revealed!

This time we speak with Thai National Flag Football Team Captain, Asian Beach Games Gold Medal Winner and, of course, Lab Trainer “Boss” Wuttikorn. Where does he find the time? Your guess is as good as ours!

At the Lab, Coach Boss puts his 10 years of knowledge and experience in sports conditioning & specific strength field to absolute use, you’ll see his mastery of team sports training in all of his training methods.

Boss is also a protégé of the 8-week Intensive LAB Academy program. He’s your go-to guy for analysis and assessment based on client movement and mobility to create highly individualized programs.

Boss will motivate and inspire you to push beyond your limits and what you think you can achieve. Ready, set, Read on!


Name: Wuttikorn “Boss”
Origin: Bangkok
Time @ The Lab: Almost 1 year

1. Where were you before the lab?

This is my third job as a trainer. I’ve been working as a trainer for the past 6 years. My first position was as a trainer at MCOT “Channel 9” for 1 year. I was part of the in-house gym, training MCOT employees.

Next, I moved to SCG for another 3 years. A similar type of work, employee training—for groups and private clients.

I found out about The Lab just through word of mouth, from a friend. I felt that The Lab was really different from other kinds of gyms in Bangkok. When they had an open position I decided to try it out, and here I am.

2. What inspired you to get in this field?

I studied Sports Science at Chulalongkorn University. I’ve always been passionate about sports, it’s always been part of my life.

Before that, I was doing football and wanted to join a football club so I tried flag football instead. I ended up joining the local team and started competing with other schools. Then I moved to the national Thai team and became Captain. I’ve always loved team sports.

I started young, at about 10 years old but I started to be serious about it at about 13 years old.

3. Tell us what it is like being Captain and getting involved with the National Thai Flag Football Team?

For the first two months of training, you’ll be at the Flag Football Association camp every weekend. For another very long month, you’ll be training alone at the camp.
You have to show up to every training session, waking up at 5am. You do a morning session from 5am until 9am, then again in the evening from 3pm to 8pm.

4. What are your three favorite exercises?

They aren’t complicated but are very effective: Sprints, Burpees, and Box Steps.
Push-up variations too.

5. What do you think differentiates The Lab from other gyms you’ve worked at?

Compared to other gyms, when you walk inside, they have lots of equipment and will offer lots of different types of classes. At the Lab, the first thing I noticed was that everyone was barefoot, there’s tons of space and basic equipment—no machines.

6. Would you say you enjoy doing Group Classes or PT?

I love both but each is different in their own way. In classes, there are a lot of people, so there’s all this energy and motivation. For PT, it’s much more focused on form and technique.

7. How do you stay fit in your free time?

I continue to do in-studio strength training, cardio and team sports like soccer and flag football but also basketball and just jogging in the park. I love anything with team sports. I don’t like sticking to one type of training because variation helps in many different ways – they all culminate into creating a good level of fitness.

8. Any last words for your clients or anyone embarking on a fitness journey?

Try to find the right exercises for you! If you like strength training then follow this route. If you don’t like to work out on your own, pair up with a friend. Identify what your passion is first.

Ask yourself, what kind of sport or exercise makes you the happiest?


We certainly agree that is some great advice, thanks, Coach Boss!

That’s all for this week of The Lab Trainer Revealed, folks. Next week, we talk to Muay Thai addict and perhaps runner up or first place winner for most-tatted up Lab Trainer, Coach Free!

Stay tuned 😉

– The Lab Team

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