Free personal training with the "LAB addicts" reward program


How about FREE personal training to reward all your hard work?

How many different ways can you skin a cat?

At the LAB we pride ourselves on innovation and combining new ideas with a solid structure to benefit our clients and their needs for consistent training programs driven by results,

A question that has always come up is; apart from during a Personal training session or in a group class, how else, can we encourage & motivate our clients to keep consistency with their training?

The latter part being the key element for getting results in an effective fitness training program.

Queue “The LAB addicts” reward program, we believe that hard work and dedication deserves reward.

This program is available from August 1st 2016 for any client who purchases a LAB 360 group class membership or a Personal Training package.

Personal Training Rewards

Buy 12 PT sessions and use within 4 weeks to receive a Bonus – 1 session added to your next package.

Buy 24 PT sessions and use within 8 weeks to receive a Bonus – 2 sessions added to your next package.

Buy 48 PT sessions and use within 16 weeks to receive a Bonus – 4 sessions added to your next package.

Buy 96 PT sessions and use within 32 weeks to receive a Bonus – 8 sessions added to your next package.


*Each reward bonus may only be redeemed on the same value or higher PT package as previously purchased.

*On the higher session counting options, you may BANK your Bonus – E.g – if you have a 48 session package and you make bonus on the first 4 weeks and not the second you still get the first bonus carried over.

*Bonuses are banked every 4 week – E.g – If you miss the Bonus on the first 4 weeks, you are still eligible for the second 4 weeks and so on.

*The LAB Addict Reward Program is not applicable to off-peak packages and cannot be combined with other promotions.

*10 session BYOB package purchases are also eligible for the LAB addicts reward program.


The LAB 360 Rewards

Attend 16 hours per month to receive a FREE 45 min Personal training session


*You may use this reward against any PT service option available at the LAB – Muay Thai, Boxing, Strength training, Rehab and mobility.

*PT bookings must give a minimum of 3 days prior notice to the Personal trainer .

*All Bonus 45 min PT sessions have a 1 month expiry, you must use these by the end of the following month.




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