Gyms Re-opening in Bangkok


Gyms are re-opening in Bangkok and The LAB is back!

The LAB will re-open this Friday! 

PT & Small Group Private Training can be booked NOW with your trainer or contact us to purchase a new package.

To celebrate our re-opening, we will be offering 3 massive promotions on our most popular services with HUGE discounts, for 4 weeks ONLY!

You’ll be able to buy one month of unlimited group classes, 12 Personal training or small group training sessions, to get you back in the place that we all missed the most this past 161 days!

re -opening gym promotion bangkok

re -opening gym promotion bangkok

Before you read on to the juicy stuff, we wanted to take a moment to check in with you on the best approach to take when getting back to the gym again.

If you are someone who has been away from the gym for a long time, it’s important to consider your fitness goals and current physical condition before starting back up again.  For example, if you want to lose weight or build muscle mass, it may be worth considering hiring a personal trainer to get you started on the right path.

A good personal trainer will;

definitely sit down with you or jump on a call before the start of your session for a “fact find” to understand your current physical condition or even how your lifestyle and schedule may have changed or developed over the time that you have been away.

As gyms are re-opening in Bangkok – There are many external factors that may be in play, that weren’t before like added responsibilities, more time constraints.

As gyms are re-opening in bangkok get, it's a great time to invest in a personal trainer

As gyms are re-opening in bangkok get, it’s a great time to invest in a personal trainer

If your office still enforces work from home;

there could be other personal challenges that may have come your way since the last time you were attending the gym.

Whilst of course its great news that gyms are re-opening in Bangkok, there are also a few tests most professional gyms should be able to provide for their clients.

If you are struggling with an injury or poor posture from sitting at a computer all day,

You can find qualified coach’s who have a background in rehabilitation and can assist you with a movement assessment that will provide a report on the root cause then a road map with the best approach to take to resolve the issue.

Another great way to bench mark your current physical condition as gyms are re-opening in Bangkok would be with Body fat and physical conditioning tests.

How much of a toll did the #stayathome protocol have on your body and what does that mean for you?

A good gym will have the resources to measure members strength and fitness through a purposefully designed strength and conditioning test, as well as have the tools to measure body composition with a proven and machine.

If you have been keeping up a certain amount of conditioning at home;

through following you tube video’s of your favorite online coach or joining in any type of online fitness program and are chomping at the bit to get back to group classes then it could be a good idea to do some weight training group classes and we cannot wait to see you there!

Now that you know the best way to get back into your routine, we hope you can’t wait to see us again soon!

We’re always here for support and encouragement.

Talk to one of our trainers or come in for any questions that might arise.

Remember what it feels like when you start feeling better physically? It’s an awesome feeling worth working towards, now read on to find out how!

Group classes will resume on Monday 04 October pending final confirmation from the government. 

The LAB On Demand will continue to run but classes will be reduced from 04 October. Keep an eye out for our updated schedule.

To get you back in the gym, we’re offering some amazing re-opening promotions on PT, Small Group Private Training and Group Fitness 

As a gyms are re-opening in Bangkok join in with a group of friends

As a gyms are re-opening in Bangkok join in with a group of friends

This promotion is available for purchase between 01 – 31 October. 

Members with a frozen package can purchase a promotional package to be used before their frozen package is reactivated.

Promotional packages must be activated within 14-days of purchase. 

One package can be purchased per person.

To buy now, contact us via LINE @thelabbkk

As gyms are reopening in Bangkok and we prepare to get back in the studio, please take note of our policies in place to protect our team and fellow members.

  • Masks must be worn around the studio at all times except for your session, which is your choice. Trainers and staff will wear one at all times.
  • Maximum of 8 people in 1 class and 15 people on the studio floor at one time
  • Equipment must not be shared. Please collect your equipment at the beginning of your session and keep it in your box
  • All equipment must be wiped down with alcohol before putting back.
  • Deep cleaning will take place between sessions.
  • Memberships will be re-activated on 4th October unless otherwise notified or changes are made to the governmental restrictions.
  • Vaccination passport is required and must show 2 x Sinovac or Sinopharm; or
  • At least 1 x Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J.
  • A record will be kept on your member profile. Please present your documents to the front desk on arrival at your first session.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

PT and small group private training can be booked directly with your trainer from tomorrow.

Classes will be bookable on MindBody over the weekend.

We recommend booking in advance as places are capped.

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