Fitness Competition – Armour at The LAB

lab fitness competition

lab fitness competition

Armour at The LAB fitness competition

This exciting new fitness competition, a brainchild of Under Armour Thailand and The Lab’s very own team, offers our members and new clients a definitive reason as to why the Lab is one of the best fitness destinations in Bangkok.

Armour @ The Lab – A once per week for 4 week collaboration between The LAB and Under Armour Thailand combines all the elements an elite athlete needs to be considered “THE FITTEST”.

We ask you, Bangkok, who do you think will be the most well rounded athlete in the big city?

How will you shape up against the best athletes in Bangkok and across the globe?

What is Armour at The Lab?

Each week for 4 weeks we will test your strength, power, speed, agility and endurance in our Sukhumvit Studio.

The first test kicks off on Wednesday, February the 15th at 6pm at our Sukhumvit Studio with an exciting event with a live DJ and prizes from Under Armour and The LAB.

What do I get at the end of the 4 weeks?

At the end of this exhilarating 4-week fitness test you will receive a PDF scorecard report.

The scorecard will be a sum of your total points. These points will be calculated on your height, weight and your ultimate performance. Oh, and prizes! You’ll get some fabulous The Lab/UA goodies.

How is it scored?

Points are calculated on height, weight, gender and maximum output. We will also be creating some special prize categories for age and gender groups.


1,000 baht for 1 drop-in session
The full 4 week program: 2,400 baht for Non-members & 1,200 baht for Members

Want More Information?

How is this different from your typical “Crossfit” type games?

This fitness competition is open to all levels and gives everyone a chance to test your fitness level and hang out with like minded and inspirational people every Wednesday from 15th Feb – 15th March.

Under Armour @ The Lab includes actual professional based athletic testing from the NFL Combine 360.

Tell us more about these NFL people?

As we know, NFL (National Football League) or American Football players are among the biggest, strongest, fastest and toughest athletes in the world. In this Under Armour @ The Lab program we base all of our fitness tests off of these incredible athletes daily fitness movements.

What can I expect?

A 4 week fitness competition program that tests your physical fitness abilities, agility and much more! Not only that but it will bring together a fabulous team of passionate people to connect with. We aim to gather, get fitter and challenge each other in a safe, professional environment.

Each test is aimed to measure your maximum output/ability during a very key and specific area of athletic performance. For example, its not about how many times you jump high but just how high you can jump in one single go.

What will I get from this experience?

Asides from that unbeatable sense of accomplishment and ultimate competition, our clients will receive a PDF certificate with their results afterwards. Share, compare and brag away 🙂

What Can I Expect on Day 1?

Lights, a DJ and not to mention lots of Under Armour Prizes.

On the first day, February 15th, you’ll be doing exercises that test strength, conditioning, speed, agility and endurance.

Each week a different test will be taken! For example:
WEEK 1 : Vertical Jump, T Test, 50% BW, Wall Sit, Shuttle Sprints

Who’ll be there?

YOU! Your favourite trainers of course, and some of your favourite fit and friendly Under Armour Brand Ambassadors like Pu Praya, Fasai and Henrik.

Where can I find information about the featured tests of the Week?

We will be giving you details of each movement included in the fitness competition 7 days prior to the event date. This will give you plenty of time to prepare!

For more information:
02-234-5321 (Silom) | 02-662-1618 (Sukhumvit)
LINE | IG: @thelabbkk

RSU Tower, 2nd Floor, Rd,, 31 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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