Do ‘Clean Meals’ really help with fat loss? By Nutrition specialist Rishi Haria



We posed the question to our strength and nutrition specialist and believe us, this guy know’s what he is talking about!

“With more and more diet food delivery services becoming available here in Bangkok, it’s interesting to discuss how they help or whether they help with fat loss at all. It’s debatable to what can be defined as a ‘clean food’. There will be people arguing for and against organic, non-gmo, vegan, paleo, gluten free, low fat, high fat etc. To keep things simple I will just consider foods that are not ‘junk’ or extremely processed as clean foods. Lean proteins, a variety of vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains are an example of this.

Diet meal services usually include foods with a high satiety relative to the calories they contain. Food satiety is basically how full you feel after eating something. If you’re trying to lose fat and you replace what you used to eat with a calorie controlled clean meal then you should still feel like you have eaten enough but for a lot less calories. To give this some context you could compare 100g of cooked pumpkin (clean food) to 100g of French fries (junk food). The pumpkin will only be around 50 calories whereas the French fries will be up to 250 calories.

In order to drop body fat it’s important to create a calorie deficit. This means that you consume less calories than your body needs. You do this by exercising and by controlling what you eat. Clean meals do not work as a miracle pill for fat loss but they are a great tool for helping you to control your calorie intake. They can also provide you with the correct balance of micro and macro nutrients for your goal. This is especially useful for busy people that lack the time or patience to prepare their own dieting food.”


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