The Lab Bangkok Gym - Fitness coach - Nan 700 c


Fitness Coach


  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Rehabilitation using yoga and pilates
  • Women’s Fitness


  • Balanced Body Mat Pilates, TH
  • RYT 200, Yoga Alliance


Nan joined The LAB in 2020 and has brought balance to our service offering and team, literally and figuratively! Nan believes fitness is all about working with the body and mind. Her philosophy is that all types of bodies are capable of moving in their own way and everyone’s goal should be to accept their differences in a positive manner.

She says, ‘sometimes building strength doesn’t mean that you have to lift heavy weights. Sometimes, it comes from the inside-out; we must look at our bodies as unique individuals.’ Nan takes clients back-to-basics, learning how to move well to live life happily and pain-free.

She will work with you to build strength, mobility and flexibility to get you feeling balanced and at your best.

Nan provides pilates and yoga inspired HIIT sessions called Mobility HIIT. She is also a spin and boxing instructor and is passionate about intuitive eating, nutrition, integrative medicine and breath work to help with stress reduction.

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