The Lab Bangkok Gym - Fitness coach - Belle 700 c


Nutrition Coach


  • Female Weight Loss
  • Fat Loss


  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified, USA
  • Professional Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, USA
  • Bachelor of International Business, TH
  • Master of Arts in Economics, USA


Belle joined The LAB in 2016.

Her journey has been transformative; starting out as a client that loved what The LAB did so much that she became a business partner. Along the way, she turned to her own diet and lifestyle choices to heal medical conditions for her and her husband, which led to years of study and learning about why food choices are so important. She now coaches men and women on how best to eat for their body and their goals, and has achieved amazing results.

Being in the gym means Belle can support clients alongside their PT and fitness coach, or independently. She loves helping people feel good about themselves and improve their lifestyles like she did for herself. Belle doesn’t believe in short-term weight loss, as everything takes time. But if you are ready to make changes now for your long-term health, she would love to work with you.

Eat well, train hard and trust the process

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