Best gyms in Bangkok


Best gyms in Bangkok

from 24 hour fitness facilities to high end boutique studios, these are the top 10 best gyms in Bangkok to get your sweat on!

There are a number of factors that people consider when looking for the best gyms in Bangkok. 

Some considerations are proximity to work, cost, and location.

There is also the option of considering what type of exercise equipment they offer as well as whether they have classes you may be interested in attending such as yoga, HIIT or cycling. 

The last thing to consider is whether it has a pool and if so how big it is. 

By taking these things into account before signing up you will increase your chances of finding the best gym in Bangkok, where you can get fit and healthy!

bangkok’s best gyms

First, let’s check out a quick bit of history;

In 1884, an American named William Davis Clark became the first Westerner to open a gym in Bangkok. The gym was called “The Royal Gymnasium” and it wasn’t much more than a boxing ring with some weights. 

However, this humble start has led to today’s bustling gyms throughout Thailand!

Today there are over 5,000 gyms that have popped up across the country and they’re still growing in popularity. What started as just one man’s dream is now a revolution for fitness in Asia!

A lot has changed in the world of gyms and fitness over the years in Bangkok.

What once was a place where your only options were to do weights, cardio or stretch, now is a whole new ball game with classes like barre, yoga and spin.

It’s no wonder that people are getting more fit than ever before!

Classes at the gym have become the go-to for staying healthy because they’re an easy way to get started on a routine without having to decide what you want to do first.


Best gym’s in bangkok

It is important to find a gym that suits your needs.

The problem with this is there are so many gyms out there and each one has something different that it offers, which can make the process of finding the right one quite difficult.

That’s we have created this blog post to help people who want to know what they should be looking for in a gym.

1 – The LAB Bangkok is not your typical fitness center. 

The LAB is a health club for the modern professional who wants to get fit, improve performance, and increase productivity.

It offers state-of-the-art training programs in – studio and online training programs with expert personal trainers and Nutrition coaching that will help you achieve your goals.

Plus, there are no contracts or commitments at this bangkok gym so you can come and go as often as you’d like without any hassle.

The LAB Bangkok Gym: A world class health club tailored to the needs of professionals looking to be their best selves!

Contact –


Bangkok’s Best gyms

2 – Ryde Cycling Studio is a cycling studio with the goal of helping people enjoy riding as much as they can.

The studio has bikes and spin cycles for all skill levels, including those who are new to cycling.

You’ll have fun, burn calories and get  all the benefits of cycling and body weight training in a safe environment, whilst also staying clear of the Bangkok traffic! 

3 – Virgin Active Emquartier – Ready for a workout?

If you’re in Bangkok and looking for an affordable gym with big facilities, then Virgin Active is the place to go.

They have multiple locations in the city, offering easy access to many other shops and restaurants. Whether you want to swim laps or jump on one of their cardio machines, this gym has it all! 


4 – Iron Hive gym is a new fitness facility located in Bangkok.

This facility specializes in athletic performance and recovery.

Iron Hive offers state-of-the-art lifting equipment, expert coaching, and an environment that inspires success. Athletes of all levels will find what they need at Iron Hive to take their game to the next level!


5 – It’s been said that the best way to beat stress is to take a walk.

The second best way to beat stress? Hit someone in the face!

We all know how much Bangkokians love their muay thai, but there are so many other fitness options out there!

Lions Head Boxing Gym is your one stop shop for all things Western Boxing & conditioning- whether you’re down for padwork, fitness training, or just want some good old fashioned sparring sessions with friends and family members.

They’ve got classes taught by qualified instructors 7 days a week from 6am until 10pm (yes they even have kids’ classes.)


6 – Muscle factory is a world-class fitness center located in Bangkok, Thailand.

They offer a huge facility with plenty of equipment to members for a great workout experience.

They have professional staff who are always available to help you set up your membership or answer any questions about working out at Muscle Factory. 


7 – Anytime fitness – If you’re looking for a 24 hour fitness facility in Bangkok, look no further than anytime fitness.

They have an extensive workout area with cardio machines and weight equipment to help you meet your health goals. 

The gym is open 24 hours a day with currently 4 locations in the city, so there’s always time for that last minute workout! With personal trainers available at all times of the day, They have everything you need to succeed.


8 – New Moves is a Functional Training and fitness education company that specializes in teaching people how to stay fit, healthy and injury free.

They offer various functional training classes for all fitness levels, as well as a certification program to teach others the skills they have learned.

New Moves also offers personal training sessions with their qualified trainers.

Hosting an array of interesting equipment and training tools , it is no wonder it has become the place in Bangkok that fitness enthusiast go to start and develop their careers in the fitness industry.


9 – Celebrities, are you looking to get ripped in an exclusive environment?

Well, look no further. Body by Beast is Bangkok’s answer to getting an elite fitness program. With Brett “The Beast” as your personal trainer, you’ll be in good hands!

In addition to being certified, knowledgeable and with an extensive background training the Thai national team olympic team, he’s also one of the nicest guys around.

You won’t regret it when you see those abs come out from hiding!


10 – “We all have different goals and dreams. Some of us want to be the best athlete we can be, while others just want to stay healthy. 

For those who are looking for a way to make their fitness routine more challenging, or even if you’re already in good shape but would like something new, crossfit is an excellent option.

Crossfit has become a worldwide phenomenon through the Crossfit games where everyday people push themselves to achieve extraordinary physical body transformations and take on extraordinary physical training events. 

People get really involved with the community aspect of it which makes them work harder and push themselves further than they thought they could go before.


Coming out of lockdown, it is important to be flexible and start planning. 

You should consider your options before deciding on one place over another. 

There are several benefits of working out at home versus going to the gym; for example, if you’re trying to save money or just don’t have time. 

That being said, there are many benefits of going to a public gym as well such as having access to equipment that might not be available in your home but suits your personal goals whilst also meeting people who share the same interests as you do. Is this something you’ve thought about?


Bangkok’s best gyms – outdoor training offerings

The best gym is the one that you will actually go to.

It’s hard enough finding time for yourself, so make sure your workout environment meets both of those requirements before making a commitment.

If you are currently looking for a new space and need some help figuring out what kind of gym would be right for you, get in touch with us, we have years of experience with gyms in Bangkok and can give advice on which type might work well with your lifestyle!

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