5 ways to build muscle tone & burn fat, when your not in the gym, by New fitness manager CJ Lee.

Bangkok Personal Trainer & Coach

“My goal is to tone up & lose fat, apart from training hard at the gym & eating right, what else can I do to speed up the process?” Jason, 32.
1. continued research & studies have proven that sleep deprivation can result in a cortisol (stress hormone) spike. This hormone can stifle your quest for fat loss, so ensure you are getting yours Z’s every night.
2.Getting great sex! One more thing to get in before your pre or post bedtime routine & will also aid No 2. Not to mention getting creative in the bedroom will help work different muscle fibers!
3.Eat high protein meals, protein takes up a lot more energy/calories to be processed by your body & does make you fuller for longer. large portions of fish, chicken breast, grass fed beef or beans and lentils if your a veggie like me, will turn your Singha pack into a 6 pack!
4. Sprinkling lots of herbs and spices like cayenne pepper, black pepper, ginger & cinnamon has been proven to rev up your metabolism and torch off belly fat.
5. Sprint training – Why? repetitive bouts of intensive muscle contractions over short distances will leave you burning calories during and up to 48 hours after training. As well as building fast twitch muscle fibers & increasing your muscle tone, There is a trick and technique to sprinting and creating a program…contact Coach Ploy at The LAB…She will show you how!

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