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5 tips for making exercise more convenient at the LAB bangkok – consistency is key!

On the 1st August 2016 The LAB will release a Multi location membership pass to allow members to train at Sukhumvit & Silom locations &

The popular LAB 360 unlimited access membership is still available at 4,500 baht per month for a single studio, for just an extra 1,000 baht per month you can get access to both our locations.

This membership works out perfectly for those who perhaps live in one area and work around another.

Both studios have classes on at convenient times throughout the day and on weekends, shower facilities, towel service and easy access by MRT and BTS Skytrain.

Terms and conditions

*All LAB 360 memberships are available for a minimum contract of 3 month’s reserved with a 1,500 baht deposit.

*When you purchase a package from a studio, that studio becomes your HOME studio which means that each monthly renewal should be made at your HOME studio.

*When utilizing your Free 30 min PT session, this must be claimed at your HOME studio.

*Discounts off LAB Bar and retail is available at both LAB branches.


The LAB top 5 tips for making exercise more convenient


  1. Minimize distance traveled. Wherever you exercise, make it close to the home or office so it is harder to skip your workout due to traffic or time constraints.  Obviously, this means that you should prefer a gym that is closer to your home or office than to one that is further away, thus shortening the total time commitment needed for a given workout.
  2. Keep it simple. For people who are just beginning (or re-starting) an exercise program, convenience can mean simple. Choose workouts that require minimal equipment or setup so that you can get started today, without requiring a learning curve or equipment instruction.  This is one reason why we love running: all that is needed is a pair of sneakers (if that) and a leash.  We can run virtually anywhere and anytime and warm ups are included (start slow and build speed).
  3. Choose the right time (with a bias to mornings). Exercise convenience can also relate to the time of day that you can workout. Choose a time that is most convenient for you. Exercising in the morning is a smart strategy for many people because it is completed before any other distractions or excuses (e.g. a long, hard day, or drinks with your colleagues) cause you to cancel your evening workout.  In any case, whichever time slot fits best into your schedule and that allows you to stick with the program, is the most convenient.
  4. Have a backup plan. Sometimes life gets in the way and interferes with exercise plans.  We suggest you have a backup plan, a set of quick, intense, and “convenient” workouts that get you and your dog’s heart rates up in a short period of time.  A five minute warm up and ten minutes of sprints can burn as much or more calories than a forty five minute walk.  Ten or fifteen minutes are all you really need for a decent workout. This is a far better than skipping the workout entirely.
  5. Exercise at a moment’s notice. Be prepared to exercise at any time so that you can take advantage of unexpected shifts in your schedule.  What does it mean to be prepared?  Store workout gear in your car and at your office.  We store training shoes, medicine balls, in our car and have often pulled into a park and gone for a run or done a quick workout. You never know when you might have an unplanned opportunity for a workout.

To find out more information on our Multi location pass please contact or call Sukhumvit – 02-662-1618 or Silom – 02-234-5321


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