How to Find the Missing Link to Success – ICMC

The 4 Step Transformation Process by Richard Cohen Inspiration – Connection – Motivation – Commitment In 2015, I decided to embark on a new venture of personal branding after spending many years working on and developing The LAB in Bangkok. It all began after a move to Sydney at the end of 2014, which completed […]

The Lab Trainer Revealed – Boss Wuttikorn

Lab Trainer Revealed – Boss Wuttikorn Hola, Lab Rats! Hope you’ve had a lovely week and are excited as we are for the upcoming Songkran holidays (woohoo!!!). By the way, if you’ll be doing a staycation this Songkran 2017, check out our limited vacation schedule April 11-15. Don’t forget!— The Lab Silom will be CLOSED […]

The Lab Trainer Revealed – Coach Melissa

The Lab Trainer Revealed – Coach Melissa Back at it again with The Lab Trainer Revealed!! This time we move on from our Head Standing Star Cleaner Khun Ray and sit down with another lovely Lab Fam, Coach Melissa. We talk her personal training journey, her fitness goals for 2017 and her rebel attitude to fitness […]

Rich’s Top 5 WTF Gym Moments

Ok here goes! Take a deep breath as I’m about to let go on my top 5 pet peeves that I see happening on a daily basis in my gym. Fear not, as I have also given you some strategies that can help you to not just look out for these WTF moments but actually […]

Brand New Group Class – Lab Foundation!

Lab Foundation – New Class – Sukhumvit Studio Only We are adding a brand new class – Lab Foundation – onto our Sukhumvit Schedule. Lab Foundation is a class based on building a solid foundation of fundamental exercises to improve your strength, mobility, posture and overall fitness. We will be breaking down all the common complex exercises into […]

Meet Ray: Our Incredible Headstanding Lab Staff

The Lab Sukhumvit’s favorite staff member and ultimate headstand fanatic sheds some light on her fitness journey! Hi guys! For today’s special edition of Lab Trainer Revealed interviews – we’re  focusing on different member of our cherished Lab Family – Khun Ray. In keeping our Lab studio spotless, she’s a definite pro, but you’ll also be  surprised to […]

The Lab Trainer Revealed – Preaw

The Lab Trainer Revealed Welcome back folks to another session of The LAB Trainer Revealed, with Preaw! Bangkok-born Sasiprapa Udomsat or “Preaw” is an incredibly nurturing and uplifting personal trainer who enjoys designing each of her programs to the individual client’s background, physical concerns, and goals. Preaw’s personal training style is a blend of functional movement patterns and strength […]

Join The Lab’s Triple C Certification Course

Triple C Certification Course : From Certified Trainer to Confident Coach Discover unbeatable training and fitness information with over 40 hours of practical learning and coaching with Bangkok’s top personal training and group fitness experts. In our Triple C Certification Course you’ll: Learn all the necessary fundamental tools and knowledge to become a fitness industry leader Uncover the […]

The Lab Trainer Revealed – David – Part 2

The Lab Trainer Revealed with David – Part 2 Welcome back folks to our interview with David – Part 2. In this second series of our fascinating sit down with the passionate young trainer and athlete, we discuss favorite Bangkok spots, a typical day of eating in the life of David and one particularly embarrassing fitness moment. Missed Part […]

Top 3 Exercises for a Firmer & Rounder Butt!

Top 3 Moves for a Bootylicious Butt! It’s all about ‘dat ass’ these days, isn’t it? After a number of requests from many women wanting to focus on their rears, I decided to write up a quick introduction to what I think are the Top 3 exercises for a firmer, rounder buttocks aka glutes. We’ll […]

The Lab Trainer Revealed – David Phan

The Lab Trainer Revealed Welcome back folks to another session of The LAB Trainer Revealed, with David Phan! Today we grab a seat with the experienced personal trainer, amateur photographer and football fan for a light hearted yet information-packed interview. In this week’s The LAB trainer revealed – Part 1, David tells us how his love for athletics and action movies as a child […]

We are giving Raw Strength a Facelift!

Raw Strength gets an exciting update for March onwards! We are bringing back all the main compound movements to one of our ever-popular classes: Raw Strength, this March. In this newly revamped class, we will going back to the basic exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, bench press and pull ups, in a structured weekly program. This way, LAB […]

The Lab Trainer Revealed – Rishi – Part 2

The Lab Trainer Revealed – Rishi – Part 2 In this week’s Lab Trainer Revealed Rishi Part 2 with Rishi Haria we delve into the star trainer’s thoughts on popular dieting, fitness and lifestyle methods. We also get a look into his views on fitness transformations, the role mobility plays in his traditional strength and body building […]

The Lab Trainer Revealed – Rishi Haria

The Lab Trainer Revealed In today’s The LAB Trainer Revealed session we grab a seat with one of our favourite Lab trainers, Rishi Haria, for a little catch-up session. In this insider The LAB trainer revealed interview, Rishi opens up about his origins in the fitness industry. He gives us an inner look at his impressive commitment to dieting […]

Rules and Point System – Armour at the LAB – Week 1

Rules and Point System – Armour at the LAB Hi Lab Rats and prospective Armour at the Lab attendees! Rules and Point System – Armour at the LAB Week 1: Read on for all the details you’ll need to know about the  before hitting up the first event this Wednesday 15,2017 at 18:00. Only TWO […]

Essentials – HIIT Training VS Strength Training

Workout Essentials – HIIT Training VS Strength Training I often find there is a little bit of confusion between these two different types of training methods, HIIT Training and Strength Training, and the benefits they bring the body. In this post, I’ll take a deep dive into the two, using the input of my coaches […]

Fitness Competition – Armour at The LAB

Armour at The LAB fitness competition This exciting new fitness competition, a brainchild of Under Armour Thailand and The Lab’s very own team, offers our members and new clients a definitive reason as to why the Lab is one of the best fitness destinations in Bangkok. Armour @ The Lab – A once per week for 4 week […]

The LAB’s promise of an Ultimate 2017!

The LAB’s promise of an Ultimate 2017!   Our Prices are increasing in 2017 and as this happens we will be giving you the opportunity to LOAD up on your PT, Rehab and group class memberships from now until the end of January 2017. Due to the ever developing rise of Bangkok becoming a major […]

3 rules to keep a flat stomach this Christmas

3 rules to keep a flat stomach this Christmas The Gains police are back and this time it’s Coach Rishi’s with his 3 simple rules to ensure your hard work this year doesn’t go to waste over the Christmas period. An obvious choice would be just to continue eating according to your usual diet over Christmas. […]

Quick guide: Eat your way to fatloss & health.

Quick Guide: Eat your way to fat-loss & health. There are health risks associated with being overweight (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes etc.) and by simply losing fat your health will be improved to some extent. You might be thinking that if you eat ‘healthy’ foods then this should automatically lead to fat burning. I […]

How I trained for a 250km Ultra marathon in 6 simple steps.

How I trained for a 250km Ultra marathon in 6 simple steps. The 4 Deserts 250km ultra marathon is no joke, with its main claim to fame being that its the driest place on the whole planet. The surface is comparable to that of Mars, containing dried rock, sand and gravel which starts at 3,500 […]

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