Deep Squats: Why you should do them

Some gym goers may tell you that deep squats are bad for your knees and that you avoid them at all costs. Hopefully by the end of this blog you can give a rebuttal to their point of view. Deep squats are where your hips go well below your knees on the bottom part of the movement. […]

Carbs at night: Does it cause fat gain?

The role carbs play are often misunderstood in regards to how it changes our body composition. I shake my head every time I hear a personal trainer give misinformed advice about the significance of eating carbohydrates at night. The reduction of your overall calories by eating less carbs is the main contributing factor to your […]

Tips for Gaining Weight

Gaining quality weight is not as easy as you might think.  Not everyone’s primary focus is to lose weight when it comes to fitness goals. There are a number of gym goers that are trying to increase their body weight in order to build more muscle and/or improve performance. Nobody usually has a goal of […]